Product photography at super low cost

Sometimes, when you’re low on cash, you might need to sell some of your carefully collected stuff. Most people will probably do this on ebay, or maybe some other 2nd hand online marketplace ( It is a proven fact that having an attractive and clear picture of the item your selling makes it an easier sell. But how do you make a clear product photo like that when you’re already low on cash? Well, here’s a fast and easy way to photograph some of your smaller items.


All you need is a strong desk lamp, and some pieces of white paper, and if you have one, a tripod. A tripod will make it a bit easier, but you can do without.


So the first piece of paper will function as a background, the second will be a reflector, this will decrease the shadows.

The background paper needs to fill both the background and the underside of the ‘mini studio’. You need to make sure that there are no folds and wrinkles in the paper, it needs to be smooth.
The reflector paper needs to be placed opposite of the light source (see below). Having a reflector bounces some of the light back onto the product, this gives you more light and less hard shadows. So you get light from two directions using only one light source.
Using a flash for a light source would be the best way to go, but an external wireless studio flash  is not really an economy class solution, so a desklight will have to do. But make sure you use a high ISO setting, otherwise you may not be able to make it a bright enough picture.


You can use larger pieces of paper for larger products, and you can even use more than one light source and maybe some more reflectors. You may have to do a bit of experimentation, but the results are definetely worth it!






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