Newcastle Street Photography: I

I had the chance to stay in Newcastle for the weekend. And after getting my new Olympus OM-D EM5, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test it out some more. During the short time I was there, the city surprised me a lot. Old architecture was seamlessly merged into new architecture, it seems like the city is constantly evolving. This made for a very photogenic location to shoot.

The city is also quite cramped, packing together everything a big city is supposed to have into a small city centre on the Tyne river banks. And for the kind of photography I like, this city is great. It gives you layers, lines and forms to compose, combine and shoot. I’ll be posting my pictures in two series. The first will be a sort of architectural portrait of the city. They are pictures of the buildings, roads, tunnels and alleyways that form the city. The second set, will be one that will breathe a more pedestrian-like atmosphere.                            Both of the posts will be sets of street photography, but in my eyes they are quite different.

Here’s the first one! Enjoy.



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