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Life on the Road: I

This is the very first entry in what is to be a large collection of articles, blogposts and photo series on the revived blog. My name is Sefania and I’m traveling, sometimes working and often photographing and writing freelancer who seeks a life of freedom. And I think that I am very close to finding such a lifestyle. In fact, I’ve started to uncover the key to that ideal about two years ago when I decided to greatly minimize my material possessions, I even went as far as to give up my lovely home in the city center of Amsterdam and move into a Fiat Ducato campervan, and surprisingly so, I never regretted that decision for even a second.


At first I wanted to just free myself from the bounds of financial obligations, no more rent! I succeeded, my monthly spending dropped significantly and I was able to live off the odd job here and there whilst finishing my studies. I then began to sell much of my belongings because I couldn’t fit most of them in my tiny new living quarters. I noticed how good it felt to get rid of so much of that stuff, it sort of freed up my mind in a way. My new tiny home on wheels was truly tiny though. It had a very small kitchen, a bed/seating area, a small desk and a folding table. But the front of the van offered something no house ever could: a driver’s seat, a steering wheel and the freedom to wake up anywhere I pleased. Even though that van was probably the best deal I ever had in my life, I decided to move up in life and trade it in for a much larger campervan which ended up being my comfortable home for a whole year, winter included.


That campervan took me all the way from the south of France to the South of Croatia on the other side of the Mediterranean. Unfortunately those travels were to be its last as it started to break down more severely than my financial means could fix, time for another trade in! The van in which I am currently writing this post has been my home for the better part of the past half year. It has been my Portuguese home last summer and now serves as my home-base in Amsterdam where I plan to stay for the winter, close to my friends, family and of course work opportunities because unfortunately it does take some cash to keep the wheels rolling. I am now preparing that old Renault van for a long trip down south all the way to the Greek islands and back through the rugged Eastern European countries.



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