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Your wish is my command, taking requests.

I’ve just started a new year of university. Diving deep into the world of Art History at the University of Amsterdam. That means I’ll be spending loads of time in the beatiful city of Amsterdam, and that’s where you come in!
Tell me what you’ve always wanted to see in Amsterdam, and I’ll go make a nice little photography report, for you and all the world to see. Leave a reply here or email me, and I will show you the city through my eyes.


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A tiny bit of Paris

Three shots I made in Paris.

Imagine a city that has it all. A city that has seen times of great prosperity, and times of great despair. From the glory days of being the center of art in the world to having German tanks roll down the Champs Élyssées. Paris, to me it remains one the most inspiring cities in the world.

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